Philosophical jokes

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Jokes marked [T] are based on an allegedly true story.  None of the jokes are credited to their authors below, because the ultimate authors of jokes are generally unknown.  Quotes are not checked.


  1. Jokes concerning philosophical doctrines.
  2. Jokes concerning contemporary philosophers.
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1. Jokes concerning philosophical doctrines

1.1. Solipsism

1.1.1. Frank, a philosophy graduate student, was a solipsist.  One spring break, all the other graduate students got together a collection, and funded an expensive vacation trip for him.  One of the faculty was puzzled by this apparent display of altruism, and asked one of them why they funded a vacation for Frank.  The response was: "If Frank goes, everybody goes."

1.1.2. [T] A woman wrote to Russell: "I think solipsism is such an attractive position.  I wonder why more people don't believe it."

2. Jokes concerning contemporary philosophers

2.1. Nicholas Rescher

2.1.1. A graduate student went in to see Nicholas Rescher, but his secretary said that Professor Rescher was busy writing a book.  The student responded: "I will wait."

3. Links