Heaven: Aquinas vs. Swinburne

Sketch the similarities and differences between Aquinas' and Swinburne's views of heaven. Which fits better with the Biblical picture (give specific Biblical references) and why? Which sketches a more fulfilling future life and why?

Heaven: Responses to earlier writers

Recall the reading done at the beginning of the course against the possibility of a worth-while heavenly life, and explain two difficulties for a worth-while eternal life from that reading. Then choose Aquinas or Swinburne, and explain how he would try to solve these difficulties given his view of heaven. Would the solution be adequate?

Free will (Hard)

What is the problem of free will and heaven? Sketch Timpe and Pawl's response to the problem. Then offer one or two criticisms to their response, and then sketch how they might try to respond. Would that response be adequate?


How does Swinburne attempt to justify a good God's allowing some people to be damned? Give one or two criticisms of Swinburne's justification. You can take the criticisms from the Adams piece or use original ones of your own. If you use Adams' criticisms, then you should try to give the best response you can on Swinburne's behalf. Would that response be adequate?