Click on name of author if the name is underlined. The links should now work from home, too. The readings may be changed, so please check back to this page a week before each class. More readings will be added as the course progresses.


Free will


         For Feb. 16:  Descartes, Meditations, I-II; Churchland (click on “Click to access the electronic book”), Chapter II

        For Feb. 18: Searle

         For Feb. 23: None

         For Feb. 25: Lewis (chapter 7: “An Argument for the Identity Theory”)

         For Mar. 1: Jackson; more Jackson


         For Mar. 3: Plato, Phaedo 73b-76c (you get read it online in the NLX Library); Russell, Problems of Philosophy, Chapter 9 and Chapter 10

         For Mar. 15: Edgington (Dougherty will talk about vagueness)

         For Mar. 17: SEP on nominalism; we’ll also talk about tropes

         For Mar. 22: Goodman and Quine [see Section 3 of this article for an explanation of the dot notation]; Wetzel

Substances and bundles


  • For Mar. 31: Pruss (emailed)
  • For Apr. 5: Pruss


  • For Apr. 7: McTaggart; Williams
  • For Apr. 14: Try to make sense of McTaggart
  • For Apr. 19: Smith; Beer
  • For Apr. 21: Einstein, Chapters 8 and 9


  • For Apr. 26: Lewis, chapter 21 on causation
  • For Apr. 28: Pruss, up to the end of section 2.2.5 plus 2.2.7