Philosophy 4320, Spring 2018

The Existence of God




         Jan 8: arguments

         Jan 10: the stone

         Jan 12: foreknowledge

         Jan 19: Anselmís arguments

         Jan 22: Modal ontological argument

         Jan 29: Cosmological argument

         Jan 31: PSR

         Feb 2: Kalaam

         Feb 5: Successive addition and infinity

         Feb 7: Causal finitism

         Feb 16: Fine tuning



o       Mon Jan 8: None

         Nature of God

o       Wed Jan 10: Aquinas (ch. 1), Savage (ch. 2)

o       Fri Jan 12: Plantinga (ch. 3)

o       Wed Jan 17: Stump and Kretzmann (ch. 6)

         Ontological Argument

o       Fri Jan 19: Anselm (ch. 8), Gaunilon (ch. 9)

o       Mon Jan 22: van Inwagen (ch. 10)

o       Wed Jan 24: Pruss (link), Johnson (link)

         Cosmological Argument

o       Fri Jan 26: Rowe (ch. 11)

o       Mon Jan 29: Della Rocca (link)

o       Wed Jan 31: Pruss (link)

o       Fri Feb  2: Craig (link)

o       Mon Feb 5: Conway (link)

o       Wed Feb 7: Pruss (link)

         Design Arguments

o       Fri Feb 9: Paley (link)

o       Mon Feb 12: Hume (ch. 12)

o       Wed Feb 14: Dawkins (ch. 14)

o       Fri Feb 16: Collins (link); also, watch this Barnes talk video (you can write either on the paper or on the talk)

o       Mon Feb 19: Hacking (link); Leslie (link)

o       Wed Feb 21: Carroll (link)

o       Fri Feb 23: None (further discussion)

         Skepticism and Theism

o       Mon Feb 26: Plantinga (ch. 16)

o       Wed Feb 28: Law (link); Pruss (link)

         Moral Arguments

o       Mon Feb 26: Evans (file available in Canvas; do not distribute)

o       Wed Feb 28: Wielenberg (link)


o       Fri Mar 2: Searle (link); Churchland (ch. 42)

o       Mon Mar 5: Moreland (link)

         Religious Experience

o       Wed Mar 7: Alston (ch. 18); Davis (link)


o       Fri Mar  9: Mackie (link)

o       Mon Mar 19: OíKeefe (link)

o       Wed Mar 21: McCloskey (link)

o       Fri Mar 23: Yancey (will be emailed); guest speaker: Hilary Yancey

o       Mon Mar 26: Rowe (ch. 19); Draper (ch. 20)

o       Wed Mar 28: Plantinga (ch. 21)

o       Mon Apr 2: Alston (link)

o       Wed Apr 4: Russell and Wykstra (link)

o       Fri Apr 6: Dougherty and Pruss (link)

o       Mon Apr 9: Al-Ghazali (ch. 22); Gaon (ch. 23); Hick (ch. 26)

o       Wed Apr 11: van Inwagen (ch. 24)

o       Fri Apr 13: Stump (ch. 27)

o       Mon Apr 16: Adams (ch. 29)


o       Wed Apr 18: Schellenberg (link)

o       Fri Apr 20: Murray (ch. 28)

         Miscellanea and conclusions

o       Mon Apr 23: Pruss (link)

o       Wed Apr 25: Pruss (link); this week you can write on any of the arguments discussed previously