Philosophy 4320, Fall 2014

The Existence of God


·         Syllabus

·         Readings:

o       Mon Aug 25: none

o       Wed Aug 27: Craig

o       Fri Aug 29: Conway

o       Wed Sep  3: Pruss (optional: Koons)

o       Fri Sep  5: Pruss

o       Mon Sep  8: Aquinas (only need to read Article 3)

o       Wed Sep 10: Brown

o       Fri Sep 12: Pruss

o       Mon Sep 15: Clarke

o       Wed Sep 17: Pruss, Sections 1-2.2.5, 2.2.7

o       Fri Sep 19: Pruss, Sections 2.3-

o       Mon Sep 22: Koons (some parts may not make sense because they depend on stuff we haven’t read; don’t worry; feel free to write on material from previous three classes if you like)

o       Wed Sep 24: Anselm, Chapters 1-4

o       Fri Sep 26: Gaunilo’s objection to Anselm and Anselm’s response to Gaunilo

o       Mon Sep 29: Plantinga

o       Wed Oct  1: Johnson (click on “Show document”; you may need to be on campus)

o       Fri Oct  3: Adams

o       Mon Oct  6: Paley

o       Wed Oct  8: Collins

o       Fri Oct 10: Carroll

o       Mon Oct 13: continue discussion

o       Wed Oct 15: Hacking; Leslie

o       Mon Oct 20: Swinburne

o       Wed Oct 22: Swinburne

o       Fri Oct 24: Mackie

o       Mon Oct 27: McCloskey

o       Wed Oct 29: Free Will Defense: no reading, can write on Mackie or McCloskey

o       Fri Oct 31: Rowe

o       Mon Nov  3: Alston

o       Wed Nov  5: Russell and Wykstra

o       Fri Nov  7: Dougherty and Pruss (pages 40-70 in Kvanvig)

o       Mon Nov 10:

o       Wed Nov 12: Schellenberg

o       Fri Nov 14: Hick

o       Mon Nov 17: Turner (emailed)

o       Wed Nov 19: Adams

o       Fri Nov 21: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (s.v. simplicity). Also think some more about the simplicity argument in Carroll, and feel free to write on it.

o       Mon Nov 24

o       Mon Dec  1

o       Wed Dec  3: Martin

o       Fri Dec  5: Selection of blog posts (don’t write on more than one but read them all): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

o       Mon Dec  8: