Revised Standard Version for PalmBiblePlus

Before you can use or copy the text, you must print out, sign and mail the user agreement contained in rsv.html or rsv.rtf.  By selecting the “I accept” option during installation, you signify that you agree you will print out, sign and mail the user agreement prior to use.  The agreement is enclosed below.  Any use or copying of the text signifies compliance with the agreement.

The Revised Standard Version (RSV) text of 1947 and 1973, was obtained from CCAT, corrected and adapted to the ONLINE BIBLE format by Larry Pierce. According to the license agreement issued by the CCAT, "these texts are only available for NON-COMMERCIAL personal/scholarly and educational use, with the understanding that CCAT needs to maintain records of those to whom copies are distributed."  

The RSV text is from THE HOLY BIBLE: REVISED STANDARD VERSION. Copyright 1946, 1952, 1973 by National Council of Churches of Christ. All rights reserved.  The text includes the deuterocanonical works also known as "apocrypha".



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In accepting the machine-readable materials and/or programs listed below, as distributed by CCAT, the recipient agrees to observe the following "fair use" provisions:

(1) Not to use or make available these materials for commercial purposes without first obtaining the written consent of the owners/encoders;

(2) To observe any special restrictions that may govern the use of particular texts or bodies of material as stipulated in the aforementioned documentation;

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(4) When making formal public reference to the materials, to acknowledge appropriately the holder of the copyright to any published text that has been encoded as well as the encoder and the source from which the machine-readable form has been obtained, to the extent that these details are supplied in the aforementioned documentation (unless otherwise noted, CCAT is the legal owner of the software and
documentation being distributed);

(5) To report promptly to CCAT any errors discovered in these machine-readable materials or problems with the software.

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Text: RSV with "apocrypha"/deuterocanonicals

Format: PalmBiblePlus

If materials were not obtained directly from CCAT, please indicate the source:

Dr. Alexander R. Pruss, Department of Philosophy, Georgetown University