Texts for PalmBiblePlus

These texts are converted from the Online Bible.  Some may have restrictions on commercial usage.  See the copyrite.txt file in the Peshitta archive for more information and the RSV agreement for more information on the Revised Standard Version. 

Here is some information on how to convert texts from Online Bible to PalmBiblePlus format. 

  1. Get the BibleConverter and unzip it to a free directory.  Make sure you have java installed. 
  2. unzip the contents of fromolb.zip and put them in the same directory. 
  3. In Online Bible, choose File | Print. 
  4. Select a verse range to convert.  You can more easily select the whole bible by choosing "Set range".  Note that "Set range" will not work if you're working the Deuterocanonical works, the Koran, etc. 
  5. Make sure you have "Include verse text checked" and nothing else. 
  6. In the "Output" tab, have "Use Clipboard" checked. 
  7. In the "Versions" tab, have only one version checked.
  8. Go back to "Content" tab and press OK.
  9. This will take a while.  Once it's done, go to Microsoft Word (or some other wordprocessor) and paste in the text (ctrl-v). 
  10. Save the file as a plain text file, using the default Windows encoding, in the same directory where BibleConverter and fromolb.zip sit.  I recommend you save in the file bible-in.txt, where "bible" is the name of the version you're converting.  I will assume you have done this below.
  11. At the MS-DOS command prompt in that directory run: fromolb enbooks.txt BibleName "Descriptive information on version" < bible-in.txt > bible.txt .  Here, "BibleName" should be a short name like "Peshitta" or "RSV", and bible-in.txt and bible.txt are the input and output filenames.  The output must have extension .txt.  If you're converting a Hebrew/Aramaic/Syriac text, please include an h at the end of the command line, just before the "< bible-in.txt".
  12. There may be some error messages about unrecognized lines.  If the lines look like nothing interesting (e.g., a number or two), don't worry.  But if the lines contain Biblical text, then fromolb was unable to recognize the titles of some books.  You may need to edit enbooks.txt to fix this. 
  13. Finally, run: java -cp . BibleConverter bible , where "bible" was the filename you gave it in step 12, without the extension.
  14. If all is well, you should have a .pdb file ready for upload to your PDA.